throughout its marketing activities

External Factors
For external factors, we looked at our survey, focus group, in depth interview as well replica louis vuitton bags as our ZMET findings. We also did some further research on how the brand continue to leverage on these external factors.
Based on the qualitative and quantitative research that we conducted, we were able to gather that the consumers not only recognized the Louis Vuitton brand, but also its association with high quality craftsmanship and the its classy personality.
However, some of our respondents also pointed out that Louis Vuitton is increasingly prevalent on the street. Hence some felt that it isn't exclusive anymore, which is a non ideal association for the company. Furthermore, some respondents felt that Louis Vuitton has, over the years, acquired the image of a brand carried by the older women.
replica louis vuitton Because of these non ideal associations that many of the consumers have of the Louis Vuitton brand, it may mean that the consumers may have inadequate understanding of the Louis Vuitton brand. As such, we score it a 6/10.
Louis Vuitton replica louis vuitton advertises in regularly in many issues of high society magazines in Singapore such asAffluent,PrestigeandDesignareto name a few. In many of these magazines, Louis Vuitton's advertisements are mostly located in the first few pages, which ensures high rate of visibility and impression on the readers.
In the online space, Louis Vuitton's minute long"L Au Voyage"commercial on its YouTube channel has been successful, attracting more than 20 million views as of this writing. However, its YouTube channel's total view counts aaa replica designer handbags is only 27 million which means only the commercial did well. Nonetheless, its Facebook and twitter pages boast a staggering 13 million likes and half a million followers respectively.
Because of Louis Vuitton's strong omnipresence in both traditional and social media, we rank its presence a 9/10.
The Louis Vuitton stores in Singapore boasts eye catching designs and lighting. The best of them is the flagship floating store which is aptly namedLouis Vuitton Island Maisonsituated at the Marina Bay Sands. Moreover, all six stores are consistently located within the high end shopping hubs of Singapore.
Louis Vuitton's advertisements in high society magazines and its social media marketing channels namely in Facebook and Twitter all convey the same message of high fashion and luxury. fake louis bag Therefore we score its consistency a full 10/10.
We gave LV a very high score in terms of differentiation, as the brand has performed spectacularly with regards to differentiating itself from other luxury brands. Apart from the uniquely recognizable monogram as well as check pattern, LV's frequent collaborations with artists to come up with new designs also allows it to stand out from the other luxury brands.
Our interview fake designer bags respondents were all able to recognize and identify the trademark monogram pattern, as well as to cite LV as the first luxury brand that came to mind. Most also mentioned "craftsmanship" as an important attribute associated with LV. We can see from here that LV has differentiated itself not just in terms of design, but also in quality, thus appealing as well high quality designer replica handbags wholesale to another of our identified target markets, the Quality Seekers.
Louis Vuitton is a well known brand with a long tradition and heritage. Throughout its marketing activities, Louis Vuitton emphasizes on its commitment on quality and exclusivity. As such, this guarantees a high score on the aspect of authenticity.
However, recent developments have threatened the promise of quality and exclusivity. Rapid expansion and rising sales figures have resulted in some loss cheap louis vuitton bags from china of exclusivity as the number of people owning Louis Vuitton products keep increasing. Indeed, in January 2013, chief executive of parent LVMH Bernard Arnault has said that Louis Vuitton is dampening expansion to focus on high Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags end products to preserve its exclusive image. There is also the major problem of piracy which is both affecting consumer perception of quality. Only time can tell if Louis Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Vuitton manages to protect its image hence we give a 7/10 in authenticity.
The team feels that Louis Vuitton has done a good job in remaining relevant to its consumers, particularly to the market segment we have identified as Status Seekers. Louis Vuitton was ranked the top luxury high quality replica handbags china fashion brand in Interbrand's rankings for 2012, ahead even of competitors like Hermes and Gucci. The recent news that Louis Vuitton is planning to raise prices in Europe, along with the latest update that they have already dramatically raised prices in Japan to combat the weakening yen, shows that LV is committed to maintaining its relevancy as an exclusive, high end luxury brand. Its recent collaboration with renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is also yet another indication replica designer handbags of the brand's dedication to being a cutting edge fashion house.

Indeed, when we looked at our survey results, as well as answers from our in depth interviews and focus group, we found that LV enjoys extremely high brand recall, especially in terms of its main product offering, leather goods with the LV monogram. Its commitment to exclusivity can also be seen from the locations of its stores, which are situated only in the most high end areas in Singapore, such as in the heart of Orchard Road at Takashimaya, as well as at Marina Bay Sands. We can see from this that the brand has performed well in maintaining relevance in the luxury goods industry.